Temperature Controlled Storage

No matter where you live, extreme weather or frequent changes in conditions can cause serious damage to your belongings if you’re not careful. All-Purpose Storage is here to help ensure your things don’t suffer any damage by offering convenient temperature-controlled storage options at our All-Purpose facilities nationwide. Whether you’re looking for month-to-month storage or a long-term space, we’ve got you covered.

What Is Temperature-Controlled Storage?

Temperature-controlled storage is an option for people looking to invest in additional protection for their things. These units are kept between a consistent range of temperatures throughout the year, regardless of what the outside weather is like. This controlled environment helps protect sensitive items from damage caused by extreme heat, cold, or changes in conditions.

Benefits of Temperature-Controlled Storage

Renting one of All-Purpose’s temperature-controlled storage units comes with many benefits. Units without climate protection leave your items more susceptible to damage, including warping, cracking, discoloration, and fading. This is a particularly present threat for items made of delicate materials like wood, leather, vinyl, or paper.

Another benefit of renting temperature-controlled storage is the added comfort of accessing your unit. Whether it’s the scorching heat of summer or the cold of winter, a temperature-controlled unit allows you to sort and organize your items comfortably. You can also rest easy when you’re back at home, knowing your things are stored in a secure environment.

What Can I Keep in Temperature-Controlled Storage?

Almost anything can benefit from temperature-controlled storage, but there are some things we specifically recommend for temperature control. These include:

Temperature-Controlled Business Storage

Businesses from many different industries can greatly benefit from renting temperature-controlled storage. One of the most common uses of All-Purpose’s business storage units is inventory management. Whether you run a small online business or need space to store company materials outside your office, we can help. We’re also a frequent choice for document storage, as many companies choose to rent self storage to file away boxes of papers.

What’s the Difference Between Climate Control and Temperature Control?

With many of our locations in New England, you’re sure to find plenty of temperature-controlled storage to keep your items heated during the winter. At our locations that experience both sweltering summers and chilly winters, a climate-controlled storage unit is best. These units offer a stable environment between 55 and 85 degrees to prevent damage in the summer months.

Invest in Temperature-Controlled Storage With All-Purpose

Come to All-Purpose Storage when you need a high-quality, dependable storage space for your belongings. Our temperature-controlled storage units are the best choice for anyone looking to provide their things with extra protection while stowed away. We offer month-to-month storage leases and online payments that allow you to control every step of the rental process.

Having trouble figuring out what to rent? Use our unit size guide to calculate how much space you need. You can also explore our storage tips page and list of frequently asked questions for additional information.