Frequently Asked Questions

What can I store in a storage unit?

Can Be Stored: furniture, appliances, clothes, electronics, books, vehicles, and much more!
Cannot be Stored: food, drugs, flammable and combustible items like gas, propane tanks, fireworks and car batteries, and vehicles not in working order.

Can I live in a storage unit?

No. It is against the law to live in or sleep in a storage unit.

Can I install shelves or other structures in my unit? No. We do not allow tenants to modify the unit in any way.

Does All-Purpose Storage offer 24-hour access?
Our sites allow renters to access their unit 24 hours a day.

How do I cancel my reservation?
You can cancel your reservation by contacting the facility where the unit is reserved or online by going to your facility specific page. Make sure to check for office hours so you’ll reach a facility manager who can work with you to cancel your reservation.

How secure is All-Purpose Storage?
All-Purpose Storage locations include security measures, such as: 24/7 video surveillance, well-lit facilities, gated access and climate controlled units at select locations. *Ask your facility manager for details on your specific site.

What do I need to move out? Please notify us 10 days prior to move out. On your scheduled move-out day, make sure the unit is completely empty and your lock has been removed. For the fastest move-out, please text a photo of your empty unit, showing the unit number, to your Facility Coordinator.

What is drive-up access?

Garage type doors are on the outside of the building. You can drive your car or moving truck right up to your unit.

Can I use a storage unit as a workshop?

No. We do not allow tenants to use their space as a workshop.

What do I need to rent a storage unit?

A Government Issued PHOTO ID and a Credit Card or checking account.

Do I need my own lock?

You can bring your own lock or purchase one from our managers. Any regular padlock will work but we recommend using a disc lock.

How do I set up automatic payment?

Log into your account or simply call your site manager and let them know your preference.

Are my items insured while being stored at your facility?

The facility does not insure your belongings but you can purchase insurance from our insurance carrier through your account or by calling the site manager.