About Us

All-Purpose Storage is dedicated to providing safe and trustworthy storage facilities that ensure great rates and seamless storage for our customers.  We are headquartered in Keene, New Hampshire and currently operate 30+ self storage facilities encompassing over 700,000 square feet throughout New England.

After nearly 20 years of delivering quality customer service and building a loyal reputation from the ground up, All-Purpose Storage partnered with Patriot Holdings to continue growing the business with a more a hands-on approach.

As of today, the company continues to invest in gradual facility improvements and ground-up developments that have helped expand the company from 1 facility to more than 30 facilities in just three years.  The addition of Patriot Holdings' decades of experience and proven process in constructing premium self-storage facilities has strengthened All-Purpose Storage's ability to provide customers with the best storage solution in New England - focused on making local storage as easy, painless, and as secure as possible.

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